what we do

As horti experts, we truly live the story of food, vegetables and flowers. We spread the message, and in many cases, follow-up with business development to convert to sales.

We strive to spread high-yield horticulture by crossing innovative technology from horticulture into other industries and vice versa. By working in partnerships like HortiAlliance and targeted services like Mercado we are deeply rooted in the industry and beyond.

We have initiated, and still maintain numerous collaborations on bilateral or multilateral basis between private companies, NGO’s, universities and governments, of which all pivot around horticulture. We help the technical advancement of system integration by initiating partnerships between players. We mix and match technology and practices with other  sectors, ranging from design to high-tech. This solution oriented, pragmatic approach brings us in the domains of the simplest greenhouses, all the way up to high-tech plant factories and everything in-between.

This specific horticulture domain expertise and huge global network has proven to be very practical when determining the economics for a new idea. We have been involved as domain experts to identify the market attractiveness, and drafted or validated their business cases. The past years we have executed many of such deep dives for current players, financials, new entrants, large diversified corporates and integrating verticals.

what can we do for you?